Jobs & Internships

Full time positions

Docear is a non-profit project and money is only available in limited amounts. However we are funded by the German Federal Ministry of Technology and there might be further funds available. If you are interested in a full-time position at Docear, please send us your application and resume to . We are currently looking for

Software Developers

If you love research and literature management as much as we do and if you love developing desktop software in Java, then you are the right one for our team. If you have additional experience in Web development (JSP, PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript), Web Services (REST), Jersey, Hibernate, MySQL and Postgre – that’s even better. Please send us your application and resume to .


If you think these jobs descriptions could be done better, if you think there could be better PR and advertisement for Docear, if you think there are plenty of sources for funding Docear out there, and if you think you are the one who could do all this, please let us know right now.

Students & Internships

Students are welcome to write their Bachelor, Master or even PhD thesis here at Docear or to do an internship (of course, non-students can also do an internship). If you have an exciting idea what to develop or research, let us know and we will happily discuss with you which options there are for you. Some ideas what to do are listed here.


Docear is an open source project and lives from its volunteers. If you love Docear as much as we do, and have some experience in software development (preferable Java, JSP, PHP, Haskel, C and MySQL), please read on here. If you are no software developer, don’t worry, there is lots of other work to do. If you are interested in translating Docear to other languages,  writing tutorials, creating demo videos, sharing your knowledge with other users as customer-supporter, or if there is anything else you think you could do, read one here.


The core team of Docear is located in four different cities. The cities of Konstanz, Magdeburg and Marburg (all in Germany) and Berkeley (USA). Konstanz is located at lake Constanze and just one hour from Zurich, Magdeburg is a nice city quite close to Germany’s capital Berlin. Marburg is close to Frankfurt and very much a typical German town, with an old and beautiful city center, lots of pubs, a castle, and one out of 5 residents being a student. Berkeley is a 20 minutes drive from San Francisco and known for its university, the University of California, Berkeley.