Press Material

If you need pictures to illustrate your article about Docear (be it a Blog, newspaper, or newsletter article), feel free to use the following pictures. They are completely free to use and you don’t need to mention where they are from, as long as you do not change the pictures (except minor cosmetic corrections, or cropping), and use them for an article about Docear. If you have questions regarding the use of the pictures or Docear in general, please contact us .



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Docear Logo (Inverted)

Docear Logo 

Docear Logo (b/w)


For screenshots of Docear, please visit the Screenshots & Videos page.

Other pictures

There are some pictures from external photographers (all from that we used e.g. for the video or to illustrate Docear in some PowerPoint presentations. You might also find these pictures useful. However, be aware that you need to accept the Photocase licence.