History / Changelog

Docear 1.2 | 2015-12-02

  • Improved PDF Metadata Retrieval
  • Faster PDF Monitoring

Docear 1.1.1 | 2014-07-08

  • Academic Search Engine

Docear 1.1 | 2014-05-27

New features :

  • New PDF metadata extraction based on Google Scholar


  • “Show in reference manager” works with multiple PDF files
  • Prevent Docear from opening new BibTeX files through Drag&Drop
  • Prevent from “flickering” caused by annotation updater on a lot of nodes
  • “Delete file from disk” is more distinct to select
  • Recommendation Rating more obtrusive


  • Broken BibTeX file freezes Docear on startup
  • “Remove line breaks from annotation” did not work
  • PDF metadata extraction freezes Docear for a PDF file
  • Docear installer could not find installed JRE, while the All-OS version can
  • Special PDF file caused refresh abort
  • Copy reference key did not work when a non-reference node was selected first
  • NPE after changing year attribute on mind map node
  • NPE caused by AnnotationExtractor
  • Caught exception thrown when Windows registry could not be read correctly
  • MultiLineActionLabel link mark (underline) is not wrapped correctly
  • Removing line breaks by default did not work

Some additional tickets we worked on during the implementation of the metadata extraction:

  • Metadata extraction on PDF with multiple nodes
  • Make inactive fields more consistent in metadata retrieval wizard
  • Limit title to use only one line in metadata extraction dialog
  • Show file extension in metadata extraction dialog
  • Search external sources only when radio button is selected
  • ‘Esc’ key executes ‘cancel’ button
  • Change some strings im metadata extraction dialog
  • Drag&Drop for already referenced PDFs is not working
  • Request metadata from Google Scholar
  • Improved PDF Metadata Extraction Dialog
  • Components sometimes leave the visible area of the wizard

Docear 1.03 | 2014-02-18


  • Added a note linking to more information about projects
  • Rename PDF files from within Docear changes the file links in BibTeX and your mind maps
  • Implemented action to remove any links from selected nodes
  • Renamed some pdf management actions

Bug fixes:

  • Duplicate annotations after manual import via drag & drop
  • Manual Update Check did not work
  • Fixed NPE in AddOnsController

Miscellaneous changes:

  • Added donation note for PDF metadata extraction

Docear 1.02 | 2013-12-21

Bug Fixes

  • repaired PDF annotation identification mechanism
  • renaming conflicted nodes/bookmarks did not always work

Small enhancements

  • Disabled project dependent actions when current project is not valid
  • renamed the register button in Docear
  • added “Please donate” note

Docear 1.01 | 2013-12-06


  • A slightly modified dialog for selecting your PDF viewer (some links were updated)
  • The labeling of the file monitoring settings are now more uniform
  • The colors for “Move …” in the “Nodes” ribbon were changed from green to blue

Bug fixes

  • Startup bug which prevented Docear from starting when some data was stored on a network drive
  • Ribbon minimizing bug which shows an empty ribbon after double clicking on it
  • Some default keyboard short cuts did not work
  • In Docear users could not register after they had used it as local user
  • Import of XMP metadata for PDF files failed sometimes

Docear 1.0 (stable) | 2013-10-17

  • delete old installation folder before re-installing
Bug fixes
  • removed action with no icon from ribbon taskbar
  • fixed a bug which disabled the reference panel permanently
  • ready for upcoming change password action
  • prevent from blocked pdf files after error occured
  • include docear plugins into source zip
  • fixes various minor exceptions

Docear 1.0 RC4 | 2013-09-01

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug which caused some rendering issues in the workspace tree
  • Fixed a bug which could cause invalid project settings
  • Fixed a bug which prevented Docear from showing the ribbon on computers with Chinese language settings

Docear 1.0 RC3 | 2013-08-29

New Features and Enhancements

  • New action to maximize the map view
  • Improved monitoring concept
  • New PDF annotation model supports many more PDF viewers
  • Made library unremovable

  • Store workspace settings after major changes
  • Demo mind maps are available again
  • Some “Help” links were updated
  • Recommendation screen adjusted to size of ribbons
  • “Show in reference manager” action now opens reference window if it was hidden
  • Icons added for most entries in the ribbons

Bug fixes

  • Map links were not updated after renaming a PDF repository folder
  • Duplicate web link detection feature deleted ALL urls from bib file
  • Ribbon was not displayed correctly on some computers
  • “Check for updates” action did not show a message under certain circumstances
  • Font size could not be changed on MacOSX computers
  • PDF viewer could not be changed in MacOSX computers
  • Moving a file deleted it under special circumstances
  • “My New Paper” map contained invalid annotations
  • Custom entry type warning was shown on every start of Docear
  • Fixed a bug which could cause broken PDF links in JabRef
  • Action “Follow link” did not use PDF viewer settings of Docear
  • “Remove Line Breaks from Annotation” feature did not work

Docear 1.0 RC2 | 2013-08-15

  • Many bug fixes
  • New PDF annotation model supports many more PDF viewers, e.g. on Mac OS X (Preview)

Docear 1.0 RC1 | 2013-07-03

  • New GUI (ribbons)
  • New workspace concept
  • New Setup dialogs
  • Many bug fixes

Docear 1.0 Beta 9 | 2013-03-27

Feature Enhancements:

  • #678 Adobe Acrobat Professional is included in PDF Viewer recognition on MacOS
  • #782 Function to remove line breaks in annotations
  • #784 More default file types to be imported

Bug fixes:

  • #734 Open document did not work with system PDF reader in one dialog
  • #785 splash screen hid the setup dialogs on first installation (Linux)
  • #771 Removed spaces in annotations (in a PDF) were not recognized
  • #739 References was not assigned to PDF correctly when path contained special characters
  • #769 Monitoring Update conflict was not solvable when annotations contained HTML code
  • #797 Docear “destroyed” annotations in PDFs when the node style was changed in a mind map
  • #800 “import annotations” options were not visible when using special PDF files
  • #725 PDF destinations changed in PDF viewer were not updated in mind maps
  • #719 Comments on underlined text passages were not imported
  • #701 PDF via Drag&Drop caused other object model than adding a PDF via monitoring function
  • #790 Fixed errors caused by notification bar
  • #715 0kb mind map was created when the map was deleted on the hard drive
  • #730 Reference updater threw exceptions when resolving node hyperlinks

Docear 1.0 Beta 8 | 2013-01-15

Feature improvements include:
#672 Create BibTeX keys automatically when database is saved

Bug fixes include:
#724 NPE occured after starting Docear
#714 error occured when using XMP metadata import
#722 Metadata retrieval “crashes” for non-registered users
#720 fixed errors on opening / deleting mind maps in Docear
#716 Incoming mind map did not have monitoring attributes under certain circumstances
#721 Error in Update Notifier
#723 “Copy reference keys…” menu entry was full of bugs
#668 Hyperlinks to open folders did not always work
#625 double check PDF-XCV compatibility settings


Docear 1.0 Beta 7 | 2012-11-21

New features:
#621 PDF Metadata Extraction
#627 Action to automatically export Windows registry and send to Docear for bug fixing
Feature enhancements:
#661 Information added to dialog how to resolve duplicated entries in BibTeX files created by Mendeley
#651 use one method to open all library maps
#625 Double check PDF-XCV compatibility settings
#656 Change default preferences of JabRef
#612 Updated to the latest source code of Freeplane
#565/#587 Recommendations improved
Bug fixes:
#613 Installation path in about dialog was wrong
#674 Typo in welcome map
#650 Recommended documents stored on a ftp server could not be downloaded
#637 SciPlore MindMapping files were converted withput permission when opened in the background
#657 Null Pointer Exception occured after starting Docear with completely new settings
#668 Hyperlinks to open folders did not always work
Other changes:
#667 Smart pdf viewer selection for Skim and Preview on MacOS removed

Docear 1.0 Beta 6 | 2012-09-03

New Features:

#604 Incoming node has a refresh button
#609 Adobe Acrobat X included in PDF Reader detection
#595 Demo mind maps on very first start / new workspace
#589 \cite{BibTeX} for LaTeX users

Feature Enhancements:
#601 improve the performance of deletion of orphaned nodes
#618 Consider what to do when PDF X Change viewer is default PDF reader
#636 use placeholders for paths in the demo files
#622 use “Nimbus” as default look-and-feel style

Bug Fixes:
#646 Unkown error happened after connecting to web service
#641 UNC path problem for workspace base dir
#628 “Jump to page” errors
#574 Docear map URI was not stored relative to workspace everytime
#594 create a mind map with spaces in it’s path failed when doing it from the workspace’s context menu
#610 References were not added for “Import child annotations”
#607 setting “mon_flatten_dirs” to 1 in the incoming map resulted in errors
#603 under special circumstances Docear tried to convert mind maps without a valid reason
#599 Automatic user creation did not always work
#455 PDF could not be opened
#635 file with spaces in the name was not found on startup
#619 PDF XChange Viewer was not always recognized correctly
#632 Exception on attempt to open non-existent PDF
#605 Update notification links to forum for experimental versions
#586 Null Pointer Exception (rarely) occured when closing Docear
#647 changing a reference’s value on the mind map, did not update the reference manager
#655 File link in the duplicates dialog did not open


Docear 1.0 Beta 5 | 2012-08-13

New features:
#450 Support for Zotero
#562 Full PDF XChange Viewer support
#573 Flexible pdf reader definition
#495 Data transmission with proxy server
#340 “Delete from disk” for files in virtual folders
#546 Docear is prepared for Docear4Word (automatic creation of environmental variable ‘docear_bibtex_current’)

Feature enhancement include:
#545 Patched the AppleScript to open PDF files at a specific page
#513 Improved annotation support for Repligo
#33 Assign BibTeX keys automatically to websites
#514 Mind Map Upload Process improved
#563 ignore localized texts and standard texts for recommendations
#524 Recommended papers are stored with title as file name by default
#561 show recommendations node at the top of the workspace nodes

bug fixes include:
#569 docx documents could not be saved when opened via Docear
#575 Annotations importer has triggered the reference updater for every node
#519 generate dcr_id for mindmaps with older docear map model
#559 recommendations caused crash when changing tab
#557 Unkown exception after monitoring was solved
#542 “Show in reference manager” did not work when using a filter in the reference manager
#560 encrypted mind maps were used for recommendations
#556 Copy map style did not work
#510 Exception if internal link was missing
#505 fixed Unknown Nullpointer Exception
#543 “Add image” action did not work
#547 Warning message appeared because the Docear version property was not created correctly


Docear 1.0 Beta 4 | 2012-07-10

#432 Apply Reference to All Selected Nodes
#517 handle multiple BibTeX references for a single file
#433 Welcome web page is opened after installation
#354 read and store docear / freeplane version according to discussion
#427 Literature recommendations available in Docear
#314 Smart pdf reader selection

Feature Enhancements:
#502 BibTeX key was not generated automatically
#453 More detailed credit to Freeplane team in about dialog
#476 Credit to JabRef given in the About dialog
#483 ask user if BibTeX key duplicates should automatically be resolved from now on
#436 Error messages on registration failures improved
#485 Show License Dialog only on first start of Docear
#424 adjust docear build script for linux etc.

#539 Duplicate Files for BibTeX Entry were incorrectly recognized
#528 Many unkown exceptions fixed
#535 docear- did not start on MacOS
#488 Special characters caused monitoring problems
#527 Monitoring exception fixed
#503 Reference data was not added to a node if BibTeX key was missing
#516 Monitoring Problems
#497 User validation error on missing internet connection
#496 software freezes on missing internet connection
#507 “Change location” was missing in context menu
#500 Some mind maps could not be opened
#504 Update checker did not to work
#441 “error in field ‘annote’: The # character is not allowed”
#498 Installation failed for existing account
#447 invalid link in map after moving the linked file in the workspace
#335 Changing Focus in Reference Window needed two clicks
#490 Splmm converter had problems
#455 PDF could not be opened
#461 Line breaks in nodes caused conflicts with PDF bookmarks

#449 Facebook “Like” integration after download


Docear 1.0 Beta 3 | 2012-05-04

New features include:

  • #381 “Show in reference manager”
  • #101 Automatic update check
  • #44 Enable IR on mind maps
  • #315 Licence for using Docear’s services
  • #342 More consistency in naming
  • #274 Function to create anonymous user

Feature enhancements include:

  • #353 PDF link not removed from node on removing reference
  • #360 “Flatten directory” setting available
  • #416 “Gender” may be provided on registration
  • #424 Adjusted Docear build script for Linux etc.
  • #458 No duplicate mind map id after copying mind map

Bugfixes include:

  • #457 SciPlore MindMapping converter did not work correctly
  • #413 Recent mind maps were not remembered
  • #404 Changes not saved after Renaming
  • #445 Jump to page did not work on Mac OS & Acrobat Reader
  • #357 Weird behavior of input validation for pdf application
  • #417 Remove Reference entry in context menu sometimes had wrong behaviour
  • #359 unfold incoming folder after canceling update
  • #412 Nullpointer exception after changing language and opening incoming mind map
  • #402 “Review Changes” on closing an unsaved mind map did not work
  • #405 keyboard shortcut to show and hide note panel
  • #395 drag&drop file from mindmap to workspace not working
  • #411 “Add-On” URL was incorrect
  • #375 Menu: Help>Documentation, Help>Documentation Map Online
  • #417 Remove Reference entry in context menu sometimes had wrong behaviour
  • #418 Link to user manual was incorrect
  • #415 Threading problems
  • #376 NullPointer on .AttributeView.setOptimalColumnWidths

Docear 1.0 Beta 2 | 2012-04-10

New Features and Feature Enhancements:

  • #43 Online Backup of Mind Maps
  • #336 display “file is missing” icon after linked file has been removed
  • #311 restore after autosave when mind map was not saved
  • #361 position of “edit path” of the monitoring directory
  • #272 check for internet connection and whether webservice is online
  • #311 restore after autosave when mind map was not saved
  • #363 “Jump to page” feature for acrobat reader on Mac OS
  • #361 position of “edit path” of the monitoring directory
  • #350 restructure right mouse context menu
  • #345 “Open folder/file location” (enables you to open a workspace node’s folder with your file explorer)
  • #368 allow insert of node names with count (if you add multiple nodes with the same name to a workspace node)
  • #367 unified “new folder” dialog for workspace nodes
  • #366 workspace chooser dialog: example location

Bug fixes:

  • #386 monitoring does not work
  • #390 monitoring problem if started twice
  • #394 virtual folder naming system
  • #398 converter problem (splmm-> docear->docear)
  • #400 “Cancel” of closing software with unsaved mind map had wrong effect
  • #351 error on opening docear
  • #292 Attributes were sometimes shown though they should be hidden
  • #377 NullPointerException during monitoring action
  • #398 converter problem? (splmm-> docear->docear?)
  • #401 COSRuntimeException and ClassCastException
  • #393 “locking of the map xxx failed. Action Save As aborted” occurred occasionally
  • #351 error on opening docear
  • #292 Attributes were sometimes shown though they should be hidden
  • #360 flatten directory setting
  • #397 unknown nullpointer
  • #387 error when opening the incoming mind map
  • #240 docear blocks access to PDFs
  • #374 “Choose Workspace …” Dialog does not initialize properly
  • #329 move branch to new map creates freeplane map
  • #356 change of the language causes problems in preferences panel
  • #321 Canceling “Quit” did not work
  • #312 preferences were not available when no mind map was opened
  • #371 Firefox sample script fails with docear
  • #372 location of the literature repository in Incoming map
  • #333 JFileChooser dialogs do not have “create folder” option
  • #364 JabRef does not load if a certain plugin is installed
  • #365 Docear does not start (IOException after selecting a workspace folder)

Docear 1.0 Beta 1 | 2012-02-15

First public version


  • #215 compare files in nodes to bibtex-files only on filename
  • #163 Use file type specific icons for linked files
  • #302 mind maps and folders can be created in Library
  • #316 Trash and Temp mind maps added to library
  • #91 keyboard commands in jabref
  • #230 auto recognition for BibTeX type
  • #232 copy multiple reference keys at once
  • #286 Open pdf files with foxit reader in WINE
  • #224 offer Mac OS version
  • #223 create windows installer
  • #207 monitoring options as separate settings

Feature enhancements:

  • #287 Mendeley Information Text
  • #285 New Workspace Structure
  • #325 Profile name is shown instead of “My Workspace”
  • #282 close all mindmaps before changing the workspace
  • #256 open link with foxit shows the wrong page
  • #297 Default PDF Opener
  • #250 (un)show workspace/property panel should not completely remove it
  • #235 bibtex key is not generated automatically
  • #324 Installer creates desktop icon (optional)
  • #300 All file and folder names lowercase
  • #304 consequent labeling of workspace features
  • #352 no icon in workspace for .doc


  • #204 JabRef extract metadata via MrDlib
  • #216 Create new Directory in projects folder does not work
  • #194 pdf monitoring does not work after changing the link types of the mindmap
  • #173 Converting old splmm maps
  • #209 monitoring does not work at all
  • #213 updating_references_for_map
  • #219 dialog is shown twice
  • #191 interrupted exception
  • #154 update reference in current mind map – repaint error
  • #245 timeout on connection to mrdlib
  • #257 pdf links in mendeley bibtex are not recognized correctly
  • #229 bibtex data from mendeley is not recognized
  • #254 workspace panel is gone
  • #225 keyboard input in reference window takes place in mind map window
  • #214 notes from pdfs (monitoring) are out of order
  • #236 multiple pdf files for one bibtex entry do not work
  • #255 no auto-adding of reference on missing bibtex key
  • #276 FolderMonitoring does not work properly
  • #244 drag&drop of files does not work any more
  • #196 mindmap version should be checked whenever the mindmap is touched
  • #105 spaces in dialogs
  • #201 When choosing the BibTeX file –> filter for “*.bib” in JFileChooser
  • #220 converter does not recognize old splmm mind maps if opened twice
  • #183 starting freeplane with empty bibtex database
  • #246 dragging a pdf out of the workspace into nautilus does not work
  • #261 NullPointerException while updating SPLMM-Mindmap
  • #262 NullPointer on createNewMindmap for Incoming Map
  • #278 NullPointerException if no bibtex file was opened
  • #260 NullPointerException after Changign LinkTypes
  • #258 concurrent modification exception after cancelling link type update
  • #172 Error after Link was removed from a node with annotationmodel
  • #289 PDF can not be dragged or dropped into the mindmap
  • #308 Remove/Delete file from workspace did not work
  • #331 NullPointerException after renaming a pdf on the literature repository
  • #292 Attributes were sometimes shown though they should be hidden
  • #328 Updating mindmap attributes does not work
  • #248 Shortcut “F1” calls freeplaneTutorial.mm instead of docear-welcome.mm
  • #330 welcome map does not exist after changing the workspace
  • #237 hyperlink to mm file does not work after moving a branch to a new map
  • #334 icon for file in workspace changes after renaming action
  • #327 “File not found Message” for LinkNodes linked to no longer existing files
  • #358 first start: closing workspace selection dialog crashes software
  • #270 Disable all prohibited Actions in JabrefFrame.fillMenu
  • #235 bibtex key is not generated automatically
  • #338 adjust about dialog
  • #337 Docear Icon in Installer
  • #344 Reference Preferences
  • #343 PNG instead of PGN is imported
  • #317 Error on duplicate/conflicted BibTeX data
  • #341 “Copy” did not work in the workspace window

Docear 1.0 Alpha 1 | 2011-12-21

First version, available only to former SciPlore MindMapping users