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We, the core team of Docear, have funding that covers our living costs. So, we do not need donations for ourselves. However, the volunteers of Docear are doing a great job and they are doing it for free, for you. Therefore, all donations we receive are going to our volunteers, for instance to pay for their travel costs.

If you can spare a few Dollars, Euros, or whatsoever, please use PayPal to make your donations.


Currently, three full-timers are working on Docear plus several volunteers and advisers. However, there is much, much more work lying ahead of us than we can accomplish. We could easily use ten or more full-time developers, researchers, customer supporters etc. and still we would probably reach only half of what we envision for Docear.

If you have the power to fund or provide developers or researchers or any other resources, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Give us Feedback

Many features of Docear do only exist, because users requested them. Therefore, please, tell us what you think about Docear and especially what could be improved. Submit your ideas in our idea tracker, report bugs (even the smallest) in our bug tracking forum and if something is not clear to you, ask how Docear is working in general in our general help forum. Also, please tell us if there are typos, errors in grammar, and so on.

Research Cooperation

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One way to help us is to translate Docear into your language. Not all researchers are fluent in English (the primary language of Docear) any therefore any translation is highly appreciated. If you want to translate Docear,

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