Feature Requests

On our to do list are several items already

  • Push from Docear to Docear4Word
  • Installer for new citation styles
  • Update check
  • Support for Footnotes
  • Multiple BibTeX files
  • Statistics of use of citation styles
  • Drag&Drop from Docear
  • Export from Docear
  • Insert immediately if search string matches BibTeX key (optional)

We would be happy if you contact us and tell us your ideas what Docear4Word should be able to do. However, we have to say that in the next month we will continue the development of Docear4Word only with low priority. The development took a lot of time and we required lots of help from a freelancer whom we had to pay from our own money. Before we continue the development, we want to wait how many users really use Docear4Word and if we can get some funding (we would highly appreciate your donation). Also, if you are a software developer, feel free to download the source code and add your own extensions to Docear4Word.